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An asterik denote species native to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

RED PINE Pinus resinosa*
Red Pine Moderate to fast growing native tree attaining heights of 50-80 feet. One of the best plantation trees for timber. Excellent for windbreaks or privacy screens. Prefers course, well-drained sandy to loam soils. Can tolerate dry, windy, or rocky conditions. Full sunlight or partial shade tolerant. Small birds and mammals eat the seeds.

WHITE PINE Pinus strobus*
White Pine Michigan's state tree! Moderate to fast growing native tree reaching heights of 50-80 feet on a good site. Prefers moist to somewhat poorly drained sandy to sandy loam soils. Can tolerate 25 to 75 percent shade. Needles are very soft and 5 to a cluster. Planted for timber production, windbreaks, privacy screens and wildlife habitat. Provides food, nesting sites and cover for wildlife. Large trees are excellent refuge trees for black bear.

WHITE SPRUCE Picea glauca*
White SpruceA moderately fast growing native spruce attaining heights of 90-100 feet. Grows well on clay or loam soils. Excellent tree for windbreaks or privacy screens. Provides good nesting and protective cover for most wildlife.



Ordering Info.   |  Spring Tree Sale


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